Sunday, November 23, 2008

ACQUIRE Therapy (Pediatric Constraint Induced Therapy)

ACQUIRE Therapy is a new therapy to assist children with neuromotor disorders. It is based on Constraint Induced (CI) Therapy, also called Taub Therapy after its founder.

ACQUIRE is an acronym for:

Acquisition of new motor skills through
Continuous practice and shaping to produce
Quality movement of the
Upper extremity through
Intensive therapy and
Reinforcement in
Everyday patterns and places

The following is taken directly from the UAB Pediatric Neuromotor Research Clinic web site:

"ACQUIRE Therapy begins by casting the child's less-affected arm. A full-length, lightweight fiberglass cast is applied from the upper arm to the tips of the fingers. Then the cast is uninvolved so it can be removed by the staff once a week to check for skin integrity, clean the arm, and offer the child a few minutes of movement. The cast is then immediately placed back on the arm. The reason for applying the cast is to restrain the use of the less-affected arm allowing concentrated facilitation of the more-affected arm.

ACQUIRE Therapy begins the day after casting and includes play-based and functional activities to encourage your child to use the more affected arm. An ACQUIREc trained therapist will establish a close working relationship with your child in his/her typical environment. The therapist will provide intensive treatment for 6 hours a day for 21 days (some weekend days are included) over a 26-day period. The procedures are designed to elicit, facilitate, and refine voluntary control of the upper extremity. We will engage your child in many fun games and activities, with both familiar and new objects. We especially seek to have your child ACQUIRE useful movements and motor skills, and also to develop new confidence and independence in a variety of everyday situations."

Read more about ACQUIRE Therapy by downloding the ACQUIRE Therapy Brochure.

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