Monday, March 9, 2009


MEDEK stands for "Metodo Dinamico de Estimulacion Kinesica" or "Dynamic Method for Kinetic Stimulation". It is a therapy that claims to help develop gross motor skills by provoking automatic motor responses.

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  1. I cannot say enough about Medek. We began Medek around age 1 as the waitlist was 1 year to get into the local children's center for therapy here. We sought out Medek privately and now see the creator (Ramon Cuevas) every 6mths for a reassessment and a new home program. Through a series of exercises 20 minutes a day my daughter has learned how to walk, handle obstacles, slow down, use protective reflexes and is gaining stability. Without Medek I am sure my daughter would be using a walker instead of walking independently.
    If you have not seen Teya's video on the CME website I suggest you check it out, it shows what successes Medek can do for our kids.