Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Since our son has been weaned, we've been supplementing his diet with Omega-3. DHA and EPA are both Omega-3 fatty acids. From what I've read, research has shown that most neurological benefits appear to come from DHA. You can find out more about Omega-3 and it's benefits by reading DHA Supports Brain Development and Protects Neurological Function.

I like the Nordic Naturals brand, specifically their Children's DHA, because it's tested by independent laboratories to have undetectable levels of heavy metals and other environmental contaminants.

Omega Resource Library : Children's Health and Development


  1. What have you found thus far? I'm wanting to start my son on them, but he refuses to eat even the gummy, sugar-coated kids ones. What would you do about that even?

  2. Mia, I would recommend liquid fish oil from Nordic Naturals. I like it because it's easy to mix with milk (or other liquid) and is tested by independent laboratories to be free of heavy metals and other enviromental contaminants.

    1. Iwant to ask u if u feel better with your son after using this omega 3 ??

  3. We discontinued using Fish oil since it caused him to spit up much more (GERD). We didn't notice any behavioral changes at the time.